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What is urban ecology?

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Urban ecology examines the relationships between humans, plants and animals and their environment within urban (that is a densely populated area) settings. Why does it matter? By examining these urban environments within the context of a wider ecosystem we are ultimately able to build and design healthier and more biodiverse communities. Urban ecology matters because [...]

Building a nestbox for house sparrows

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Modern housing often prevents nesting opportunities for house sparrows and other species. Erecting a nestbox will provide a much needed home for your local sparrows. House sparrows will begin prospecting for nest sites as early as January in preparation for nesting in April through to August so aim to have your box sited as soon [...]

World House Sparrow Day – March 20th 2010

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My good friend Mohammed Dilawar from India, who is also a house sparrow lover, recently got in touch with me to let me know that he set has up an annual global event – World House Sparrow Day. World House Sparrow Day is an international initiative set up by the Nature Forever Society (Mohammed is [...]

LIPU conference, Pisa

No Comments// Posted in General by on 03.26.09.

On 20th March I went to Pisa in Italy, not to look at the leaning tower but to talk about house sparrows. The Italian equivalent of the RSPB – LIPU – were hosting a one day conference about the sparrows that are found in Italy and I was invited to share my PhD research findings. [...]

Who killed the cockney sparrer?

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I was recently interviewed by BBC radio regarding my thesis findings and asked to contribute to a programme investigating the causes of the decline of the urban House Sparrow. The Radio Times highlights the programme’s value and their summary gives a good overview to some of the issues pertinent to urban species. Who Killed the [...]

Ecobuild 2009

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Ecobuild is the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable design, construction and the built environment. The exhibition was held at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in London between 3rd and 5th March and is now in its 5th year. There were 800 exhibitors, as well as conference and seminar sessions. I attended and presented a talk [...]

Why house sparrow research?

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House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) were once a plentiful species but in recent years their numbers have dropped alarmingly, so much so that they are now a red listed species, which means that they are a bird of conservation concern in the UK. What are the wider implications? House sparrows have lived alongside man for thousands [...]

Urban ecology and the house sparrow

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I’m Dr Kate Vincent and this is my blog dedicated to urban ecology. I am an ecological consultant by profession and my PhD doctorate was awarded for my research into the decline of the urban House Sparrow. Although my PhD research was published in 2006 I still play an active role in continuing research into [...]

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