World House Sparrow Day – March 20th 2010

My good friend Mohammed Dilawar from India, who is also a house sparrow lover, recently got in touch with me to let me know that he set has up an annual global event – World House Sparrow Day.

World House Sparrow Day is an international initiative set up by the Nature Forever Society (Mohammed is the founder of this organisation) in collaboration with Bombay Natural History Society, Eco-Sys Action Foundation in France and the Avon Wildlife Trust in the UK.

The idea is that World House Sparrow Day will be celebrated on 20th March every year starting in 2010 and it will encourage people across the globe to celebrate the beauty of the House Sparrow, learn more about its biology but more importantly allow people to learn how and why it is declining in many parts of the world and what can be done to help.

World Sparrow DayThe event will be promoted and supported by a dedicated interactive website which will be the nerve centre of the whole event. Interested individuals and organisations can view the website and register the events they are organising to help celebrate this day. This will then allow people to see where their nearest event is or encourage people to set up their own celebration.

Many people across the world have undertaken research into house sparrow decline (I am one of them) and having this day enables all those individuals and organisations working on house sparrow conservation to come together on a common platform to celebrate house sparrows, make people aware of the house sparrow’s plight.

Mohammed is currently undertaking research in India and he thought a special day aimed at house sparrows will help in getting the attention of government agencies across the world as well as the scientific community and kick-starting them to undertake further research on urban house sparrows and urban birds.

In the UK the Avon Wildlife Trust is leading the celebrations and they are encouraging people in the area to their House Sparrow sightings, so they can build up a picture of where the bird is surviving in the region.

For more information on the cause of decline of House Sparrows in the UK and what can be done to help them please visit my website. Whether it is making sure you put mealworms out or erecting a nestbox for the sparrows in your garden please let me know how you will be celebrating this special day.

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