Urban ecology and the house sparrow

I’m Dr Kate Vincent and this is my blog dedicated to urban ecology. I am an ecological consultant by profession and my PhD doctorate was awarded for my research into the decline of the urban House Sparrow.

Urban house sparrows by shopping tolleysAlthough my PhD research was published in 2006 I still play an active role in continuing research into the decline of the House Sparrow, nationally and internationally. This blog will reference my continuing work with individuals such as Will Peach and Denis Summers-Smith as well as organisations such as The RSPB and Natural England. This will include conferences, media coverage and further published research, and I will include tips on how you can help the House Sparrow, and other species, found in the urban environment.

My passion for urban ecology is practiced daily through my employment as an ecological consultant for Baker Shepherd Gillespie. In this role I am able to apply my research findings in a practical, commercial context. I particularly enjoy projects that allow me to embrace urban design and encourage sustainability.

More information about me and my research into the causes of the decline of the urban House Sparrow in Britain can be found at http://www.housesparrow.org/

For further information about Baker Shepherd Gillespie and the professional services we offer please visit http://www.bsg-ecology.com/

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